The Blackhawks new second line of Saad, Pirri and Kane experienced immediate success recently. but at what expense? Coach Joel Quenneville recently admitted to burning through mountains of markers and dry-erase boards while concocting creative line combinations. In fact, he says that the habit costs the team up to $1000 per week.

“I like to use different colored markers to represent forwards, center and the defensemen,” said Quenneville. “I usually have a few of each color stashed here and there: in my suit coats, at the desk, in the sock drawer at home. But I can stop anytime. I only do it, you know, before games. Sometimes after.”

Despite Quenneville’s assertion that he only uses dry-erase boards “socially,” several players claim to have seen piles of used markers spilling out of the closets in Quenneville’s office.

“Sometimes I’ll get to practice and the sides of his hands will already be purplish from wiping them clean,” said Brent Seabrook. “It’s getting hard to ignore. Saad keeps asking questions.”

The players are putting off any sort of intervention until the power play is finally solved.

Says captain Jonathan Toews: “It’s going to take something dark for us to figure out how to score with the man advantage.”

Bandwagon Dan