In a surprising development, the Jets woke up Wednesday morning and realized their record was 2-7, not 5-4 as previously believed. Various media outlets are reporting the Jets–but not the fans of the team or the reporters covering it–had dreamed their impressive start to the season and actually had lost to the Patriots, Saints and Falcons instead of beating them.

It appears that only people in the Jets’ organization–players, team workers, executives, coaches, etc–experienced the dream, as everyone else surrounding the team knew it to be as mediocre as its record indicates. When informed they were 2-7 on the season instead of 5-4, some Jets were visibly stunned and Rex Ryan was reportedly seen screaming obscenities to the beat writer that told him.

“This is bulls*@$!,” Rex said groggily to the unnamed writer. “We’re 5-4, I know it! No way they can fire me if we’re 5-4, right? Let’s go get a goddamn snack!”

Immediately after the tense and confusing exchange, Rex promptly curled up into a ball on the press room floor, grabbed a green ‘Jets’ blanket, and went back to sleep. No news on is he was tossing-and-turning or not.