A Schaumburg man was so moved by the Bears stunning 27-20 victory over Green Bay on Monday night that he ordered a Josh McCown replica jersey from the NFL.com website right after the game. Steve Greenblatt, a parts manager at a Schaumburg auto dealership, didn’t have to think twice about what name to put on the back of his new fan gear: “McCown was awesome,” Greenblatt gushed. “I mean, Forte was also awesome, and so was that offensive line, but McCown, man, he was something else. Our backup guy was so much better than the Packers backup guy.”

Greenblatt hurried to his computer as the players were still leaving the field at Lambeau. Shortly before 11:05 p.m., he had entered his credit card information and clicked “send” on what an NFL.com representative are saying is the first ever request for a McCown jersey. “Technically, it’s the second request,” said Dave Guthry, senior vice-president for e-commerce at NFL.com. “The first one came from McCown himself. For his own jersey. But that doesn’t really count.”

Motivated by reports that Jay Cutler might be ready to suit-up as early as next Sunday against the Lions, Greenblatt opted to pay an additional $8.99 for expedited shipping. “I hope it gets here soon,” said Greenblatt. “I want to get some eyeballs on this baby before it becomes ‘collectable.'”

Cary Nathenson