After a Shane Victorino grand slam sent the Boston Red Sox to face the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, the nation collectively breathed a frustrated sigh as they tried to determine which of the two teams they disliked the least. Fans everywhere, whose teams have long since been out of contention for baseball’s biggest prize, have struggled to decide if they’d rather have the Cardinals or the Red Sox win the World Series.

San Diego Padres fan John Winter summed up this sentiment.

“I don’t really have any reason to hate the Red Sox or the Cardinals,” said Winter. “But that doesn’t mean I want either of them to win the Series. I mean, it was fun to root for the Red Sox when they hadn’t won for a while, but ever since 2004 their fans have just been insufferable. But on the other hand, if the Cardinals win, their fans will not shut up about it, and honestly if I hear one more person tell me that the Cardinals play ‘old school, no frills’ baseball, I will lose my goddamn mind.”

Outside of Boston, St. Louis, and New York, 85% of baseball fans, when asked if they’d rather root for the Red Sox or the Cardinals, responded by saying they’d rather watch football.

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith