Nate Burleson make headlines Tuesday for getting into a one-car accident while trying to save two pizzas from falling in his car. Despite suffering a broken arm that will require surgery and could end his season, the Lions WR said the pizzas were “super delicious” and “totally worth it.”

“Have you ever had Jet’s Pizza? That stuff is delicious,” a groggy post-op Burleson said. “Yeah, I broke my arm in two places and totaled out my SUV, but that pizza was really, really good.”

Burleson said that if he could do it all over again, he might order the pizza to be delivered.

“It sucks being hurt for no good reason,” said Burleson. “But let me repeat: The pizza I crashed trying to save was super delicious and totally worth it.

“Plus, I don’t have to play for the Lions again for a while, so there’s a silver lining to all this other than getting to eat some amazing Jet’s Pizza from the back of an ambulance at 2 a.m.”