It wasn’t easy for the Cubs to watch the Braves raucously celebrate their mostly meaningless win Sunday afternoon at the Friendly Confines and they’ve vowed to get back at Atlanta in four or five years when they’re good enough to do so.

“They knew the clinched the East halfway through our game,” said Cubs manager Dale Sveum. “It’s bush league to have a big celebration on our field an hour after that when they finally beat us.”

Sveum said the Cubs will make sure they get back at the Braves for the celebration, but it might be a while and he’s pretty sure he won’t be here to see it.

“In 2017 or 2018 when this team’s playing in a spiffed-up ballpark and all their young talent is finally the talk of the majors, they’ll be sure to take advantage of every win down at Turner Field,” said Sveum. “Sure, I’ll have been fired several years earlier and some hotshot manager like Joe Girardi or Joe Maddon will be leading the team then, but I’m sure they’ll really enjoy taking revenge for one of the many professional embarrassments me and my team have endured these last few seasons.”