Citing a need to “protect the integrity of the game,” Chicago Sport and Social announced Wednesday that its flag football leagues would be adding the use of instant replay to assist its officials. It’s believed to be the first rec league organizer in the country to utilize instant reply.

“For too long we’ve received angry call after angry call from yet another weekend warrior whose hopes and dreams were apparently destroyed by some questionable call one of our officials made,” said Chicago Sport and Social president Jason Erkes. “We’re adding instant replay as much to shut them up as we are anything else.”

Many Chicago Sport and Social participants were thrilled by the news.

“You have no idea how happy this makes me bro,” said Chad Wallace of Lincoln Park. “It’s kind of a big deal when me and the North Side Renegades hit the North Avenue fields every Saturday morning during football season and now finally we won’t have some mindless ref screwing us out of championships thanks to this new instant replay setup.”

Rival league organizers Players Sports and Sports Monster were also rumored to be considering adding instant replay, but due to budget constraints decided to stick with their current group of referees, many of whom will continue to show up 15 minutes late and “mostly sober” for all league games.