A Hall of Fame career, 10 All-Star appearances, nine Golden Gloves and the National League’s 1984 Most Valuable Player award haven’t stopped new Philadelphia Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg from attempting to develop a personality.

Known for having a stark conversational delivery, the shy, often withdrawn former second baseman missed out on several opportunities for commercial endorsements during his time in Chicago.

With the enthusiasm of an accountant at a chapter 13 hearing, Sandberg told Cubs.com that he is committed to learning to speak in sentences of more than six words in length, show a hint of a reflection in his otherwise monotone voice, and flash an occasional smile.

Sources said, for his self-improvement program, Sandberg plans to concentrate on making better eye contact, advancing personal conscientiousness and averting neuroticism using a training course called “What color is your personality?” presented by former Cubs manager Lou Piniella.