Eagles WR Riley Cooper apologized Wednesday after footage leaked of him at a recent Kenny Chesney concert.

“From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to apologize to all Eagles coaches, teammates and fans for my extremely unbecoming behavior,” said Cooper. “I sincerely regret my extremely questionable decision to attend a Kenny Chesney concert.”

Cooper blamed his Southern roots for the mistake, promising to the public that it would never happen again.

“I’m from Oklahoma where occasionally we slip up and do really dumb things,” said Cooper. “Everyone knows it’s wrong to like Kenny Chesney when there are so many more legitimate country singers out there, but sometimes mistakes happen. I have no excuses. I just hope everyone out there can forgive me for my stupidity.”

Cooper was also caught on camera using a racial slur at the concert, something he wholly acknowledged.

“Oh yeah, that?” asked Cooper. “I’m a total racist, so there’s nothing I can really say about that, but please make sure everyone knows I’m not a Kenny Chesney fan.”