Saying he signed for less money because of the great night life in Chicago, Cubs first-round draft pick Kris Bryant immediately pub-crawled bar-to-bar along Clark Street after putting ink to paper on his new contract.

“This is so great,” the former University of San Diego player said. “What I like best is we play so many day games, I can still make the 4 o’clock Happy Hours.”

“Look at all the great bars here. In San Diego, the only choices I had were Applebee’s, Chili’s and the occasional TGI Friday’s,” Bryant said after round-after-round of drinks were put forth from admiring fans.

After a bartender asked the soon-to-be minor leaguer to pay $8.50 for a vodka tonic, Bryant said, “Well, maybe I ought to rethink this a bit.”

Bryant was asked what his goals are as a major leaguer.

“Each season, I’d like to have a .300 batting average with 35 homers and 100 RBI,” he said. “But mostly, I want to win more beer pong trophies than Patrick Kane.”