Fresh off losing coveted big man Dwight Howard to free agency, the Lakers have made a new push in their quest to land a high profile superstar. Team owner Jim Buss has promised that the next free agent that agrees to terms with the Lakers will be guaranteed a spot in the upcoming movie “Sharknado 2, Malibu Madness.”

“The Lakers are a proud franchise built on our winning tradition,” said Buss. “And in addition to that tradition, we have something else to offer to free agents everywhere, and that’s a spot in a really, really good movie.”

Whereas nobody could have anticipated the success of Sharknado, a movie based on a tornado that lifts man-eating sharks by the thousands deep into Los Angeles and has them swimming up the 405 Freeway and deep into the suburbs, the buzz surrounding the Michael Bay/Guillermo Del Toro directed sequel has set the entertainment world on fire.

This movie role, along with the Lakers renewed commitment to pick-and-roll defense, should make the Lakers the top destination, assuming there are actually any coveted free agents still on the market. Citing precedent, Lakers team management mentioned past LA players who have shined in acting roles, including Lamar Odom who played himself on one episode of Entourage, as well as Vlade Divac, who not only starred in the movie Space Jam, but also did a Minolta commercial.