Despite winning the Stanley just three seasons ago, Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane seems to have forgotten much of the protocol regarding the historic trophy as he has been asking team and league officials, “So, does the Cup come pre-filled with champagne, or what?”

Coach Joel Quenneville set the notorious partyer aside after practice.

“We just won the Stanley Cup a few years ago. You know that, right?” Quenneville asked. “You drank champagne from it but you had to pour it in yourself. How do you not remember this?”

After a few beats, Kane smiled.

“Oh yeah, I remember,” he said, before contemplating additional types of alcohol he could drink from the 35-pound cup.

When league officials informed him he would not be allowed to make “jungle juice” or “flaming Dr. Peppers” in the cup, Kane asked, “So do we have to stick with champagne and beer? I mean, Four Loko is okay, right?”

Kane was later seen walking into a Binny’s attempting to return a bottle of Everclear.

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith