Record: 3-3 (2-1 vs. Colorado, 1-2 vs. New York Mets)

The boys in blue settle for a .500 home stand as they blew a late lead Sunday to the Mets in such a fashion to remind some older fans of 1969. However, “Feldmania” continues to rage like Barry Bonds after a bad PED injection (allegedly, of course, we have no proof) as Scott Feldman won his fourth straight start Saturday. Feldman has become such a local icon he had to call Paul McCartney for tips on how to deal with the sudden mega-fame. He didn’t call Ringo. For some reason nobody calls Ringo, not even telemarketers. Major League Baseball now defines a Feldman quality start as any game his foot touches the mound.

Not only have the starting pitchers thrown exceptionally well but, as Anthony Rizzo stated, “When our pitchers hit, we win.” The Cub staff has more RBI than any other National League staff (and the now American League Houston Astros entire roster) with a total of 11 after Travis Wood parked a 2-run blast on Waveland Sunday. “Feldmania” chipped in with a 2-run double in Saturday’s 8-2 win over the Mets and Jeff Samardzija homered in a 6-3 win over the Rockies Wednesday.

MVP:  Jeff Samardzija – Earned what seemed to be his first win since his days at Notre Dame when he beat the Rockies (8 innings with 7 strikeouts and the aforementioned home run).

LVP: Carlos Villanueva – Roughed up Tuesday by the Rockies and was consequently removed from the rotation for the returning Matt Garza (when Edwin “Eyesore ERA” Jackson was an option for demotion).

Ask the Magic 8-Ball: With the success of the starting pitching and fewer trips to the mound, will pitching coach Chris Bosio put on so much weight he somehow stretches the vertical stripes on his uniform into horizontal stripes?

Magic 8-Ball says: “It is decidedly so.”

Patrick O. Elia