Sources within the NBA Commissioners office have leaked documents which show that Derrick Rose’s knee injury that kept him off the court for the duration of the 2012-2013 season was faked as an unofficial suspension for the former MVP’s reckless gambling addiction.  This report shows that David Stern approached the Bulls’ franchise player shortly before game one of the 2012 playoffs demanding that he fake an injury in order to avoid casting a negative shadow on the NBA and hurting his otherwise squeaky-clean public image.

An NBA official, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters, “Rose’s gambling had just gone out of control.  He’s a hyper-competitive guy, and that manifested itself with all-night poker games and off-days spent in casinos, but it really crossed a line when he started betting on games.”  According to this source, it was at this point that Stern decided to have Rose fake an injury so as not to hurt the reputation of the league.

When reached for comment about the likelihood that David Stern would force a player to miss an entire season due to a fabricated reason as punishment for gambling, Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan replied, “No comment.  Not going there, man.”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith