Attempting to improve their team for the coming season after an abysmal 2012, the Jets pulled a draft-day stunner, trading QB Tim Tebow to the Las Vegas Sin of the Lingerie Football League.

A tearful Tebow told reporters at a farewell press conference, “While I’m sorry to leave the Jets, I look forward to being with my new Sin teammates and the challenge of the Lingerie-brand of pro football.”

The six-foot-three, 236-lb. Heisman Trophy winner will compete with five-foot-six, 131-lb. Nikki Johnson for the starting QB position.

“Some people might raise an eyebrow at my playing on a women’s football team let alone one called the Sin,” said Tebow, a devout Christian. “However this is a great opportunity for me get playing time and maybe to do a little converting on the side.”