After setting the basketball world abuzz with a 14-1 start and a top ten raniking, University of Illinois basketball coach John Groce admitted this week that he only looked at the first half of the Illini schedule before agreeing to replace Bruce Weber as coach.

“It looked like a piece of cake,” said Groce, whose team faces top five Michigan on Sunday with a 2-4 record in the Big Ten. “I felt like I was back in the MAC, fooling people by shooting a bunch of shots and playing no defense.”

Groce went on to say he wasn’t sure what league the Illini were in because he had never seen their football team in a bowl and he always got the basketball team mixed up with the University of Illinois-Chicago Flames.

“This Big Ten stuff kind of surprised me,” he continued. “I hear Rutgers is coming in soon–I hope we get to play them.”