Fielding a world-class team like the 2013 Detroit Tigers doesn’t come cheap. Fans have become accustomed to modest price hikes on tickets, beer and parking to help offset these costs but it seems the Tiger brass has not yet exhausted all of their potential revenue streams.  Fans were aghast when it was announced that batting practice would cost an additional $5 for spring training games. However, the Tigers were not done innovating the baseball experience.

The National Anthem? $2 dollars please, $5 if the performer has been nominated for or won a grammy.

Care to stretch during the 7th inning? That’ll be $2 dollars, $3 if you’re six-feet or taller.

Perhaps the most heinous changes come when the game goes into extra innings.  $3 gets you an additional frame of baseball and a $1 coupon for a Hot and Ready pizza.  Details of the team’s new restroom policy are too graphic for inclusion in this piece.


Mark Pants