The Detroit sports world was abuzz after a damning admission from former Lions tackle Lomas Brown that he purposely whiffed a block with the intention of getting then quarterback Scott Mitchell injured and removed from the game. In the confession Brown almost seemed proud of his actions, or inaction, and didn’t backtrack on the statement until days later.

Even more shocking is the number of veteran Lions offensive linemen who have come out in support of Brown, suggesting that for the past 55 years they too have been allowing defenses to run roughshod all over the Lions.

“Lomas isn’t alone, we’ve all hated every quarterback since Bobby Lane,” said a former offensive tackle speaking to us on the condition of anonymity. “Greg Landry, Bill Munson, Gary Danielson, Eric Hipple, Chuck Long, Rodney Peete, Jon Kitna, Mitchell. You name him, we’ve let him get creamed once or twice a game.”

As we were wrapping up the interview he added, “don’t forget Joey Harrington, write that one down. We really had it out for that poor guy.”

Mark Pants