Bears fan Walter Emmert isn’t usually big on conspiracy theories, but his hatred for the Packers led to a doozy this week.

“The one time I find myself rooting for Green Bay, I know they’re going to tank against the Vikings Sunday just to screw the Bears,” said Emmert, blissfully ignorant to the fact that a Packers win in Minneapolis solidifies a first-round bye for Green Bay. “They hate the Bears so much that I can totally see them laying down against Minnesota just to keep Chicago out of the playoffs.”

Emmert isn’t alone in his theory. This week thousands of people who clearly know nothing about pro sports have been calling into local radio stations spewing such nonsense. Packers coach Mike McCarthy went on the record Thursday with his thoughts on the matter.

“The Bears-Packers rivalry is a great one, and not just because I’ve totally owned Lovie Smith’s ass the last few years,” said McCarthy. “But some of the ridiculous stuff that comes out of the mouths of fans on both sides has me contemplating an early retirement. It’s like most of them know absolutely nothing about pro sports or life in general.”