According to team sources, while Patrick Kane has announced he will be playing for a Swiss national hockey league during the lockout, he signed the contract under the assumption that “Switzerland” was the name of a trendy new casino in Vegas. The misunderstanding came after discussing the offer with prankster teammates, including Marian Hossa and Brent Seabrook.

When reached for comment, defenseman Duncan Keith, who was involved in the prank, chuckled.

“Kaner came to some of us talking about how he got an offer to play in Switzerland, and when we realized he didn’t seem to know that it was the name of an actual country, we decided to mess with him a little bit,” said Keith.

As of now, Kane appears to still be under the impression that he merely will be playing exhibition games at a casino, which he was informed had “free bottle service and a VIP strip club for American-born NHL players only.”

The team has enlisted Michael Frolik, who has already signed to play overseas as well, to meet the well-known partier at the Swiss airport so he can describe to the rest of the Blackhawks the look on Kane’s face when he realizes where he is.

Jeff GoodSmith