Green Bay native Bob Kurowski has been a loyal member of Packer nation for more than 40 years, but he was recently shunned by his friends and relatives after wondering if there’s life beyond Wisconsin.

“He’s a traitor and a moron is what he is,” said Kurowski’s former best friend, Todd Benson. “It makes me sick to think I actually let the guy attend my tailgates for all those years. And now he like, what, thinks about other stuff besides Aaron Rodgers? I’m done with him.”

The uproar began when Kurowski made an innocent comment while flipping through the channels with his wife.

“I happened across one of those Bourne movies and I just kinda said to my wife, I wonder what Europe is like,” he said. “She immediately flipped out and started calling me a ‘Frenchy.’ Next thing I know she’s on the phone with her sister and you can guess where it went from there.”

Despite apologizing to the community at large and pledging to “never again think of non-Packer related events and merchandise,” Kurowski has a long road ahead of him if he wants to ingratiate himself back into his circle of friends and family.

“Obviously I had to burn all my books and toss out anything that had orange or blue on it,” he said. “The next step is to start making my daily pilgrimage to Lambeau so I can just stare it for a few minutes every morning before work. It’s an hour out of my way, but that doesn’t stop my friends, so it shouldn’t stop me.”

Heckler George