Bears fan Matt Hunter quickly became enamored with quarterback Matt Blanchard after witnessing the undrafted rookie run a two-minute drill to near perfection. Hunter and his friends took to Facebook and Twitter immediately after Saturday’s game and started a campaign to get Blanchard anointed as starter. Plans have now grown to include creating a Wikipedia page for the player, and producing shirts and wrist bands that read “Blanchard 4 QB.”

“It comes down to wanting the team to succeed,” said Hunter. “I’m not even asking for money for the shirts and wristbands. I just want all Matt Blanchard fans to unite as one and push for their guy to get playing time.”

Hunter has taken to Twitter in an effort to get the hashtag #Blanchard4QB trending in Chicagoland. His YouTube page of the same name is in the works. Friends and sources close to Hunter say he’s trying to get Matt Blanchard personally involved in the campaign, posting tweets and video updates.

“When I saw him run that two-minute drill against the Redskins, I just knew,” recollected Hunter. “No offense to Jay Cutler, but where’s his  Super Bowl ring? Blanchy was undefeated at a Division III powerhouse in college. We also have the same first name, it’s destiny. This is meant to happen.”

John Jenzeh