The bad luck continues for Chris Volstad. After the Reds pushed the struggling righty’s winless streak to 24 this weekend, he had time to reflect on all the other things in his life that he also not winning at since the streak started on July 17, 2011.

“I haven’t won a game of Monopoly in that time,” he said.  “I haven’t won at Call of Duty, beer pong or even a game of musical chairs I played when visiting a children’s hospital over the winter.

Volstad said the list of ways he’s been a loser is practically endless.

“There’s no telling how much money I have spent in lottery tickets and those damn claw machines to try to get my kids a stuffed animal, lose every time!” said Volstad, fighting back tears. “I went to the state fair, and I can’t pop the balloons with the dart, and when I pick out one of those ducks, it just says you lose!  I can’t even beat one of my teammates at rock, paper scissors! I lose every time.”