Brian Urlacher split with girlfriend Jenny McCarthy just days after undergoing knee surgery. Both parties indicated that the decision was mutual, but insiders say McCarthy’s diagnosis of Urlacher’s injury as “knee sniffles” may have been the final straw.

McCarthy, best known for her breasts, urged Urlacher to forgo surgery saying that it wasn’t necessary. She instead recommended he use her home remedy of drinking ginger ale and wrapping the knee with a funky scarf.

Urlacher chose to take the advice of his team of medical doctors, who not only went to college but also many years of medical school, over his actress girlfriend with a well-known history of diagnosing illnesses despite never attending college or having any medical or scientific background whatsoever.

The linebacker’s seeming betrayal of his blonde besotted was just too much for her to bear, so she said goodbye to her Bear.

The two have pledged to remain very good friends and wished each other the best. Urlacher plans to play this season and McCarthy plans to write a book about knee sniffles with no research or evidence to back up any of her claims.

Gregg Jaffe