Acclaimed paleontologist Dr. James Watkins was rocked to his very core last night when he caught a glimpse of what seemed to be a velociraptor playing forward for the Miami Heat.

“Was that … it can’t be …” stammered the University of Chicago professor. “I do believe that number 1 is a dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur! Remarkable!”

Watkins, who has long held the belief that dinosaurs were extinct, watched in awe as the velociraptor, whom the announcers called “Chris Bosh,” celebrated the Heat’s championship with champagne.

“This changes everything,” said Watkins. “Sure, that particular dinosaur seems a bit awkward and maybe even a little annoying, but the very notion that a velociraptor is roaming the earth millions of years after every other member of its genus has disappeared, well, it’s crazy to say the least!”

When pressed, Watkins admitted he would have preferred the dinosaur lost the game.

Heckler George