Matt Forte is upset again. And as he has done most of this year, he has taken to Twitter yet again today to announce his displeasure about being disrespected. First there was the signing of Michael Bush, then the video response to a Tribune story about the Bears being worried about his knees, and Monday Forte complained again after finding out Walter Payton will be an option at running back in Madden ’13.

@MattForte22:  There’s only so many times a man can be disrespected! First by #Bears and now by #Madden13. GOOD GUYS do finish last….even in video games.

Forte has a $7.7 million franchise tender on the table from the Bears that would make him the third highest paid RB in 2012 behind only the Titans Chris Johnson and the Vikings Adrian Peterson, but Forte wants a long-term deal. He sees Payton’s addition to Madden as part of the Bears’ vast conspiracy against him.

“It’s no secret every Bears RB since Walter has been compared to Walter,” said Forte. “He never made more than $500,000 a year, so somehow the Bears expect me to play for peanuts. Kind of makes me want to find a job washing dishes or something where I know I’ll be paid what I’m worth.”

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