An unnamed Cubs executive has explained the “difference in philosophy” that got Rudy Jaramillo fired as the well-paid hitting coach’s reluctance to use the “towel drill,” a long-time staple of the coaching staff.

“Everybody knows what has made Cubs pitchers what they have been for the last decade: It’s the towel drill.,” said the exec. “Without the towel drill, could Woody have pitched so many simulated games? Would Mark Prior have been able to spend so much time on the DL?

“Time and time again, we asked Rudy to incorporate the towel into batting practice, but he wouldn’t do it. Without the towel drill, how are we going to get guys like Soriano on the disabled list? We had to give Marlon Byrd away because we couldn’t get him onto the DL.”

“Look, we want to bring the kids up,” the exec said. “But we can’t do it unless we can get some of these old guys on the DL. The towel drill would be great for that but Rudy wouldn’t cooperate.”

The source said Cubs business management fully supports the move.

“Do you know how many ‘Rizzo’ jerseys I could sell if we could just get that kid up here? If I don’t keep figuring new ways to make money, someday Tom Ricketts is going to ask me about that Greek priest in the playoffs.”

Pat Allen