The Orlando Magic have announced they are close to signing former superstar center and current NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal as their next GM, pending approval of a clause from O’Neal’s representation demanding that he be allowed to go to the office dressed in the same genie outfit he wore in the 1996 box office flop, Kazaam.

While Shaq has agreed to terms on such important aspects of his contract as salary, administrative control, and contract length, the last issue to be hammered out exists with Orlando’s insistence that Shaq not wear the outfit, which includes outlandish golden vests and decorative belts, at important functions such as press meetings or formal events, while O’Neal has made it clear that he wants to wear nothing but various Arabian themed over-sized genie outfits during his tenure as Magic GM.

No matter where the two sides land on this issue, Shaq is expected to bring the Magic to near-contention caliber, before ultimately faking a back injury and signing with the Brooklyn Nets.

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith