Just when you thought the Mets’ financial problems were over, most of their rumored investors have jumped ship with the recent news that the Yankees may soon be up for sale.

While the Mets have only offered small stake ownership in their ballclub, the Steinbrenner family is said to be offering the whole shebang, leaving prospective billionaires chomping at the bit.

“This is the difference between Heinz Ketchup and Hunt’s Catsup,” said one interested buyer. “It probably would have taken me 20 years to turn a profit on the Mets. With the Yanks I’ll be swimming in gold coins in two years, Scrooge McDuck style.”

Fred Wilpon was devastated by the news, and called it a blatant attempt by the Yankees to “steal the headlines and ruin our future plans.”

Wilpon went on to admit the Mets were banking on an influx of close to $200 million in investments to help bolster the ballclub. After the Yankee rumors hit the front page of New York newspapers, all but three investors and $15 million remain.

“Fifteen million dollars is more than enough money to get this team to the playoffs,” said GM Sandy Alderson. “That’s another Frank Francisco we can add to the pen, and we’d still have $3 million to play with. Get excited Mets fans!”

While the Yankee rumors are just that at the moment, financial insiders believe the franchise would sell for as high as $3 billion, or around 11 Alex Rodriguez’s.