A somber Kerry Wood wiped away a few tears on Friday as he recalled his time as a Chicago Cub. His career is over but he plans to remain in Chicago and play some sort of role with the organization. Questions have arisen over possibly reconsidering retirement and getting back on the mound at some time in the future, and Wood’s response came as a shock to many.

“To be quite honest I’m done playing,” Wood said. “On the off chance that maybe a year from now I change my mind I can see myself pitching for St. Louis. That’s it. They’ve always done a great job resurrecting careers.”

Wood did go on to reassure the Cubs faithful there would be a slim chance of him ever donning Cardinal red but did add “If Dave Duncan were to come back it would make it a more appealing option.”

Cubs radio analyst Keith Moreland wasn’t surprised by Wood’s praise of the Cardinals.

“The Cardinals have a track record of milking players,” said Moreland. “I think Kerry would excel in St. Louis. At least then he won’t come after my job. He practically has dibs on it.”

John Jenzeh