In keeping up with the success of sports movie sequels like Major League: Back to the Minors, Rocky V, and Caddyshack 2, the producers of Moneyball have decided to follow suit with Moneyball Episode II: Attack of the Cubs.

Full cast and crew have yet to be announced, but a few names have been confirmed. Justin Bieber will star as the loveable, boyish, youthful team president, Theo Epstein. Jim Belushi will also star as an unemployed, down and out comic actor turned bleacher bum. Samuel Jackson has been cast to play the role of legendary lifelong Cub fan Ronnie Woo Woo Wickers.

Unlike the Oakland A’s, the producers are hopeful the Cubs can actually win the World Series. If not, it is rumored that the filmmakers are willing to edit in the commercial from MLB the Show 2012. This would give the movie a happy ending, without letting the facts get in the way like the original Moneyball.

The movie is set for an IMAX release on October 26th, with a tentative release date of October 30th for VHS and special edition Betamax.

Mike K