Metta World Peace is back to his old ways of self-destruction and inciting general mayhem after throwing a vicious elbow at James Harden during Sunday’s Lakers/Thunder game. To celebrate his return to a violent lifestyle, World Peace will now pack heat on the court and be known as “Metta World Piece.”

“I’ve played the feel-good card and it’s super lame,” World Piece said. “No one respects a tree-hugging hippie, but when I flash my piece at James Harden on the court, you better believe people will recognize.”

If the “World Piece” angle falls flat, the bizarre player formerly known as Ron Artest has no shortage of violent puns.

“How about ‘Metta Whirled Piece’? I can wave my gun and spin around in circles. Or I was thinking of Hollywood tie-ins like, ‘When Harry Metta Sally World Piece.’ Tagline: Billy Crystal and World Piece are loose cannons cleaning up the NBA streets by any means necessary.”

Image by Joel N.