Vlade Divac has been away from the game for many years now, but he is always looking for talented individuals to teach the art of flopping, which he has mastered. It’s no surprise that he was very impressed with Coyotes goalie Mike Smith’s performance Saturday night of “man getting shot in back after brushing ¬†face into another player,” that he has recruited Smith to teach others in Vlade Divac’s School of Flopping.

Other notable alumni have been Dennis Rodman, A.J Pierzynski, Dom Zimmer, the entire WWE and Manu Ginobili, but Vlade sees bigger things from Smith.

“I am always looking for players who can take a hit from a 5-foot-6, 14- pound forward, and look like a piano has been cracked over their back.” said Vlade “He was knocked down, and did what is most important, waited until a penalty was called before getting up. Veteran move.”

Brew Dreesus