Derrick Rose is fed up with the way some employees in the city are serving his food order.

Rose, who recently ordered food from a local Taco Bell after his team overtime win over the Pistons on Sunday night, was frustrated that he had received yet another incorrect food item thanks to store employee Eddie Walston.

After waiting 4:31 seconds in the drive thru, Rose drove to the second window, where he was greeted by veteran drive thru employee Walston.  Walston handed Rose his food, and Rose did what he should do, he looked in the bag.  Rose found a No. 8 not a No. 7 like he had ordered.

After the discovery, Rose asked to speak to store manager Joe Gilliland.  Rose was still upset as this was the third time in the last month that his order was messed up.  Gilliland advised that he sent Walston home for the rest of the shift.

Rose, who has a well documented fear of tomatoes on his taco.  Said he would not eat the tomatoes, and only eat the cinnamon twists, which he ordered for dessert.

“I was furious,” Rose said “I’m sick and tired of people trying to give me a deluxe taco, when I only want a regular taco, you got to say something.”

“I’ve got to be the only Taco Bell super member to be treated this way.”  Rose said at the time referring to the way Brian Scalabrine is treated like a king at Taco Bell, adding “his order is always hot fresh and right.”

This time he took matters into his own hands.  He felt it was time to take a stand, so he bought a Taco Bell.  “I can fix my order now and it will always be right!”