After an intense overtime contest eventually won 4-3 by the Blackhawks Saturday night, a large portion of Coyotes fans didn’t grasp the full consequences of Phoenix’s loss, thinking regular season rules applied to the postseason.

“That was definitely a tough loss,” said self-proclaimed die-hard Coyotes fan Phil Moriarity, who like many in the crowd was attending his first live hockey game ever. “But at least we got a point out of this one because in the playoffs every point matters.”

According to Moriarity, the Coyotes were also in for a boost “whenever Will Gretzky returns,” adding “that guy’s the lifeblood of our proud franchise.”

Moriarity also spoke for many Coyotes fans in attendance when he talked about some of his favorite aspects to watching the Coyotes playoff games in person.

“First of all, standing up all the time is great,” said Moriarity. “Whenever something the least bit exciting happens, we all jump up in the air and pump our fists like crazy. Some old dude sitting next to us kept trying to say that when the puck is in play you’re supposed to sit until a goal is scored, but this is Phoenix. The rules don’t apply here.”