A skeptically appreciative Chicago Cubs team will help the St. Louis Cardinals celebrate their World Championship on Friday as the Cardinals take the field for their first home game and a presentation of their World Series rings.

Cardinals General Manager, Jack Donovan, was pleased to share the experience with the club’s long-time rival.

“I can’t imagine a better way to receive our rings than to have them presented to us in front of our storied rival, the Chicago Cubs,” Donovan stated.

Cub mainstay Kerry Wood seemed almost sarcastic in showing his appreciation for the opportunity to finally be part of a World Championship award ceremony.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say they set it up this way,” Wood said. “Well, I guess a ring ceremony is a ring ceremony. And, technically, we’re part of it. Thanks, Cardinals. Now [expletive deleted] you!”

Wood then angrily returned to the bullpen where he lifted his can of chew to look for his missing curve ball.

When asked to comment on the ceremony, new Cubs President Theo Epstein was disappointed.

“I actually tried to have the Cardinals’ ring presentation in Chicago,” he said. “That way, I could have lived up to my expectation to bring a World Championship to the North Side years ahead of schedule!”

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