He threw the ball back to the mound countless times in his big league career. Tomorrow, Jorge Posada will throw from it. In Yankee Stadium.

And he’s not the least bit nervous about it, thanks to the tutelage of old pro and living Yankee legend, Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra.

Berra is no stranger to ceremonial first pitches, having kicked off the 2009 American League Division Series against the Minnesota Twins. He has been putting Posada through the necessary paces: the walk to the mound, the wave to the crowd, and the foreign substance on the ball.

When asked why he chose to toss his pitch from in front of the mound rather than atop it, Berra replied, “I like to keep everyone guessing. I can hear them in the stands – where’s he going?”

As for that alleged foreign substance?


And Yogi’s most helpful advice, according to Posada?

“Try to get ahead in the count. They don’t like what they see, they pull ya quick.”