Coming off his best performance of the season and stealing an ineffective Derrick Rose’s minutes down the stretch against the Heat, C.J. Watson wasn’t finished. He followed up the Bulls overtime victory by stealing Rose’s girlfriend and proclaiming himself to be the “surrogate father” of Rose’s unborn child.

“Derrick had a bad night and I was happy to step up,” Watson said. “The shots weren’t falling and Derrick was tentative out there. After the game I called up Derrick’s girlfriend and it turns out he has been a distant and inadequate boyfriend, so I decided to step up in that regard, too. She is moving in with me.

“I am also excited to announce I am going to be a daddy,” Watson added, referring to Rose’s unborn child who is due to be born in six weeks.

Ever the team player, Rose supported Watson’s recent off-the-court maneuvers.

“I just want to win,” Rose said. “If it means I have to be kind of an uncle to my own child, that is fine. The way I look at it, why can’t I be an uncle to my baby? Why can’t I be the best uncle in the league?”