Lamar Odom, once the Hollywood sixth man of the year for the Lakers, has been placed on the inactive list by the Dallas Mavericks. Odom went from playing alongside Kobe Bryant, to being traded to the New Orleans Hornets, back to the Lakers, and then requesting a trade out of LA, citing hurt feeling. He wound up in Dallas and after a lackluster season on the court, the Mavericks have had enough. Odom will now venture off into a new direction, opening up and running his wife’s clothing store DASH.

While the Mavericks tried every trick in the book to rejuvenate this candy loving seven-footer’s game, nothing seemed to work, as his performance on the court never reached the level of play Lamar showed as a newlywed.  So, what now for Lamar? A totally different approach and  new career.  Odom tells reporters, as he is driving out of the Mavericks practice facility.

“I’m going Dashing-ing”

Odom will report immediately to Khloe’s man cave and begin designing a new store front for the new DASH location, which will be run by Odom.

“I have always been into fashion, and now that I lost my game, its time to do something new”

Lamar will be showing the same emotion he displayed on the court in Dallas while greeting costumers.  He will look dazed, confused, and have zero emotion whatsoever.  At times, you may wonder if he knows exactly what he’s doing out there.  He better be on his A-game, or Khloe just me be on the lookout for a Washington Wizards member to court around.