After missing Tuesday’s game with an ankle injury, a clearly excited Derrick Rose told reporters that he is now just one body part away from getting “Injury Bingo.”

Rose, who has missed games this season because of injuries to his groin, back, toe, and elbow, told reporters that he’ll get Bingo if he suffers an injury to his wrist, his shoulder, or his knee.

“I’m driven to win in anything I do,” Rose told reporters. “I want to be on the court to help our team win, but if injuries make that impossible, I at least want to be able to win at being injured.  If I can get Bingo?  Man, that would be great.”

Rose feels confident he can fit one last injury before the playoffs, saying, “I’m hoping that I bruise my knee after taking a hard foul that doesn’t get called, but we’ll see.”

At that moment, Rip Hamilton accidentally stubbed his foot on one of the team’s lockers, grimaced and said, “Ouch … Bingo!”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith