Following manager Ozzie Guillen’s recent suspension from the Miami Marlins due to approving remarks he made about Cuban leader Fidel Castro, new Sox skipper Robin Ventura stirred up a controversy after citing North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, son of the recently deceased tyrant Kim Jong-il, as one of his “biggest role models.”

“Look, I’m not saying I approve of brainwashing millions of people through oppression and propaganda,” Ventura said in a press conference he held to clarify his earlier statement. “My point was that I had to admire anyone who could attain a position of leadership despite a lack of experience and meaningful qualifications.”

After some deliberation, White Sox officials decided that disciplinary action for Ventura wasn’t necessary.

“We certainly don’t agree with Robin’s sentiments, but Ozzie said worse stuff than that every day when he was with the team,” Sox General Manager Kenny Williams explained.  “I remember him saying one time that if he were stuck in an elevator with Stalin, Hitler and Bobby Jenks and had a gun with just two bullets, he’d shoot Bobby twice. Compared to Ozzie, Robin is as offensive as a Bazooka Joe comic strip.”

By Brian Summerfield

Brian Summerfield