Atlanta third baseman Chipper Jones has announced a deal with Hoveround. Jones, who recently slipped while stretching just moments before he announced his plans to retire after the 2012 season, has decided to try to get some help.

“I was up late watching TV, kind of depressed about my sixth knee surgery and three-week DL stint,” said Jones. “All of a sudden I see a lady near my age at the Grand Canyon yelling about a Hoveround.  This gave me the idea on how to be safe while playing the game I love!”

Accordingly, Jones and the Braves have petitioned MLB to get a Hoveround exception to the rule against motorized conveyances on the field.

The petition includes provisions that stipulate the umpires will monitor the power scooter.  The umpires will confirm that the speed of the Hoveround will not exceed six mph, which is one mph slower than Chipper’s fastest documented speed.  There have been questions on how that speed can be accurately determined.  An MLB spokeswoman indicated there are several ideas being tossed around including using Paul Konerko sprinting or a throw by Juan Pierre as speed gauges.

The Braves are hopeful MLB will allow Jones’ the ability to use a Hoveround.

“A Hoveround will allow Chipper to prolong his career and hopefully keep him off of the disabled list,” said the spokesperson. “We have already reworked his contract, forbidding Chipper to stretch, jump on a trampoline with his grandchildren or continue his shuffle board career.  He nearly needed a hip replacement after his last shuffle board tourney.”

Reps at Hoveround are extremely excited what this can do for the company. One of the designers plans to customize Jones’ MPV5 Power Chair by replacing the handle bars with mini Tomahawks, swap out the horn with the Braves’ war chant and will place a two huge No. 10s on the either side of the power chair.

Said a Hoveround spokesperson: “If Chipper’s allowed to use one of our power chairs during games we’re going to go all out with it. You know, give it the full ‘Bobby Cox’ treatement.”