What Actually Happened
The Detroit Tigers defeated the Chicago Cubs in seven games. The Curse of the Billy Goat was placed on the Cubs before the start of Game 4, when Cubs fan Billy Sianis was asked to leave the stadium because his pet goat’s odor was offending nearby fans. Sianis obliged, but not before claiming the Cubs would never win another World Series again.

What Should Have Happened
The Cubs should have let Sianis into the park, allowing the team to win not only the 1945 Series, but 10 more titles between 1946 and 2011. While some might see it as revisionist history, it’s pretty obvious the Goat Curse is the only thing that has kept the team from going to the World Series in the last 65+ years. It hasn’t been the team’s utter inability to gauge talent or install smart managers. It was clearly the goat. Or that black cat. But definitely not Gary Scott or Jim Hendry.