Sources say the Cubs’ 2012 “Baseball is better” ad campaign is off to a rocky start. New York-based ad agency The Brooklyn Brothers is orchestrating the campaign, but based on the rejected slogans obtained by The Heckler, it may not last long. These rejected slogans included the following:

“Baseball is better … with enormous, back-loaded contracts.”

“Baseball is better … without the pressure of a pesky pennant race.”

“Baseball is better … with urine flowing gently down a trough.”

“Baseball is better  … with an awkward 7th inning conversation with a D-list celebrity.”

“Baseball is better … with a third baseman who hit .156 last year.”

“Baseball is better  … when your $75 seat is right behind a pole.”

“Baseball is better  … when you’re at Murphy’s by the 6th inning.”

Cubs VP of Sales & Marketing Wally Hayward confirmed that he’s having second thoughts about The Brooklyn Brothers.

“They actually pitched a ‘Basebtall is Better … when your shortstop’s not being detained’-angle,” Hayward said. “Good Lord, was that in poor taste.”

Hayward then poured himself a tall glass of scotch and refused further comment.

Quinn Perkins