J.R. Smith made his Knicks debut Sunday scoring 15 off the bench, but it was his unorthodox haircut that garnered all the attention.

Fans and media members alike wondered what was up with Smith’s new do, which he tweeted a picture of from his barber’s chair.

“Son’s barber must have slipped up, he shoulda went to my dude, Andre in Bensonhurst” said Knicks fan Mookie. “Twenty minutes, he’d have him looking fresh.”

Conspiracy theorists flooded the Internet with rumors that Chinese government officials implanted Smith with a mind-control chip, and the line in his hair was a visible scar, but the new Knick debunked that in his pre-game media session.

“It’s my Bron hairline,” Smith boasted. “I thought I’d shave it into my head at the same spot and see if I can’t draw his power from it, LeBron’s having a big year, man.”

The media in attendance laughed at Smith’s admission, but the same could not be said for LeBron James, who was asked about Smith’s hair later in the day.

“You shouldn’t joke about that stuff, as a follically challenged American, I’m offended,” said James. “And seriously, stop making fun of my hairline already. What have I ever done to deserve that?”

When given a list of things he’d done to deserve it, James sheepishly shuffled away before slam-dunking on a seven-year-old honorary ball boy.

As for Smith, he says he will probably go see another barber soon, but won’t go “fully shaved,” due to what he called, “Shane Battier grooves.”