Bears linebacker J.T. Thomas remains defiant in light of his recent misdemeanor drug charges stemming from Monday’s arrest. He insists the marijuana found in his glove box by Morgantown, West Virginia police belonged to former teammate Sam Hurd. Although that could be the case, who the marijuana belonged to has little to do with the reason Thomas was stopped: driving the wrong way down a one way road.

Thomas spent his entire rookie season on injured reserve, and watched practice from the sidelines. It was there that the former Mountaineer claims wide receiver Sam Hurd on multiple occasions asked to use his vehicle.

“He told me he had to go meet some investors,” claimed Thomas. “Which now in hindsight must have been those undercover cops that busted him.”

Despite being cut by the Bears in mid-December, Hurd seems to have scarred the image of the Bears franchise yet again. Although police are investigating J.T. Thomas’s claims, they’re still pretty sure the marijuana had something to do with the reckless driving.

John Jenzeh