Ever wonder what Dennis Rodman has been up to? Bulls forward Taj Gibson can tell you. While sitting out with an ankle injury, Gibson used the downtime to seek out basketball’s former rebound king for advice on improving his inside game. As it turns out, Rodman runs a rebounding clinic in Vegas. Sort of.

“It’s going to take me a while to recover from spending a weekend at Dennis’s house,” said Gibson. “I shouldn’t even call it a house. Because it’s more like a bordello. We did talk about actual basketball rebounds once. But since, according to Dennis, the key to rebounding is confidence, that just lead to a lot of drinking.”

The website for Dennis Rodman’s Ridiculous Rebound Weekend reads that the clinic deals with “all issues surrounding rebounding, including actual, virtual and extra-terrestrial.” The clinic accepts no minors and stresses that participants must bring their own hair dye or nose rings.

“What is a rebounding clinic?” said Rodman. “Oh, you know, everybody needs a rebound from something. Rebounding isn’t just about a basketball — it’s about passion, fire, bouncing back and grabbing the brass nose ring.

“Rebounding is 25 percent skill, 85 percent confidence. And the other 5 percent is a secret ingredient I cannot divulge.”

“The secret ingredient is alcohol,” said Gibson, sporting a freshly pierced nose and wide array of new tattoos. “And, unsurprisingly, you do actually gain a lot of confidence from that.”

Bandwagon Dan