Following his team’s heart-breaking playoff loss to the Patriots Sunday, Ravens QB Joe Flacco announced he has accepted an offer to be lead singer in the Queen tribute band Killer Queen.

“Truth be told, I’ve been growing the Fu Manchu more for the way it makes me look like Freddie Mercury than for good luck in the playoffs,” Flacco said.

“I noticed the striking resemblance when he removed his helmet following the loss,” Killer Queen manager Ron Micheals added. “That, and his high-pitched voice when screaming at defensive linemen while running away to avoid a sack.”

Despite the loss to the Patriots, Flacco will be headed to the Super Bowl, as Killer Queen has just been announced as the half-time performers.

“Getting a chance to play at the Super Bowl, that’s what it’s all about,” Flacco said. “And if the only reason I get to go is because my facial hair resembles Freddy Mercury’s then so be it.”

Cary Nathenson