After being responsible for two game-changing turnovers in Sunday’s NFC Championship loss, 49ers WR and PR Kyle Williams has at least one defender in his father, White Sox GM Kenny Williams, who pointed out that his son might have cost the Niners a chance to play

“I am sick and tired of hearing people disparage Kyle for his performance on Sunday,” said Kenny. “We all make mistakes. Hell, Kyle’s mistakes aren’t even as close to as bad as the ones I’ve made.  You remember that Adam Dunn signing?  We paid him $12 million to bat .159.  $12 million! That’s far worse than anything that you saw last Sunday.”

Kyle appreciated his father coming to his defense and agreed with what he had to say.

“Yeah, he’s got a point,” said Kyle. “My turnovers were terrible, but they only lost one game. Dad’s Adam Dunn contract was so bad that it will lose lots and lots of games for the Sox.”

Jeff GoodSmith