The annual game, held at third baseman Brandon Inge’s house because he has a sweet porch with steps they use for a strike zone, was moving along nicely until Verlander, in the words of a guest at the party, turned into “that guy.”

“Everyone knows ‘that guy,'” said the guest, who was not in the game at the time but could see what was happening from Inge’s grilling area. “Wiffle ballĀ is supposed to be a hitter’s game with pitchers throwing junk to get outs. Then one guy starts firing it and the game falls apart.”

According to multiple sources, a Marty had just stroked a double off Verlander by hitting it into the neighbor’s yard off one bounce. Although nobody actually knew who Marty was, his stroke was pretty smooth and he let the best pitcher in baseball hear about it.

The next batter was Victor Martinez’s cousin, and that is apparently when Verlander brought the heat.

“It’s kind of a shame,” said Inge, who has hosted the party for the past six years. “Justin actually has pretty good stuff without resorting to the cheese. He wasn’t too happy when I had to take the ball from him, but he’s a gamer. I saw him over at the dessert table later talking with my aunt about his mechanics–we’ll see him again pitching at my party next year.”